Antipode of Bras-Panon, Reunion

The opposite side of the world to Bras-Panon is Bahía Tortugas, Baja California Sur, Mexico.



Continent: Africa

Coordinates: -20.997, 55.678

Antipodal point

Opposite side in the world

Continent: Africa

Coordinates: 20.997, -124.322

Bahía Tortugas


Bahía Tortugas is the closest city to Bras-Panon' antipodal point (1,209 km).

The antipodal city to Bras-Panon is Bahía Tortugas. This means that, among all the populated locations in the world, the farthest city from Bras-Panon is Bahía Tortugas.

The distance from Bras-Panon to Bahía Tortugas is about 19,000 kilometers. A direct flight would take around 21 hours, but there aren't commercial routes between these cities.

Cities on the other side of the world of Bras-Panon

This table contains the populated locations that are closest to Bras-Panon's antipode. These are the farthest cities in the world from Bras-Panon.

City Country Distance from antipode Coordinates
Bahía Tortugas, BCS Mexico 1,209 km (27.691, -114.897)
El Morro, BCN Mexico 1,210 km (28.043, -115.187)
Bahía Asunción, BCS Mexico 1,225 km (27.142, -114.296)
Punta Abreojos, BCS Mexico 1,264 km (26.715, -113.575)
Guerrero Negro, BCN Mexico 1,296 km (27.969, -114.044)
Puerto San Carlos, BCS Mexico 1,321 km (24.789, -112.105)
Las Margaritas, BCS Mexico 1,324 km (27.618, -113.454)
El Rosario de Arriba, BCN Mexico 1,324 km (30.060, -115.724)
Díaz Ordaz, BCS Mexico 1,326 km (27.647, -113.450)
Nuevo Uruapan, BCN Mexico 1,326 km (30.073, -115.708)

Bras-Panon, Reunion

Local time:

Coordinates: 20.9967° S 55.6782° E

Bahía Tortugas, Mexico

Local time:

Coordinates: 27.6906° N 114.8966° W

How to calculate the antipodal point?

The antipode can be calculated by understanding the geographic coordinates and applying simple formulas. We will use the following variables:

  • LatO: Latitude at the origin point.
  • LngO: Longitude at the origin point.
  • LatA: Latitude at the antipodal point.
  • LngA: Longitude at the antipodal point.

Step 1: Obtain the geographic coordinates of Bras-Panon

The DMS coordinates are: 20°59'48'' S 55°40'41.6'' E .

Calculations are easier by using the decimal format, hence:

LatO = -20.99667°

LngO = 55.67823°

Step 2: Calculate the latitude

LatA = - LatO = 20.99667°

Since the latitude is negative (south direction), the antipode must be positive (north direction).

Step 3: Calculate the longitude

LngA = LngO ± 180° = 55.67823 - 180° = -124.32177°

Since the longitude is positive, we subtract 180° to ensure the final value lies between (-180, 180). If it were the other way around, we would sum 180° for the same reason.


The antipode of Bras-Panon is located on coordinates: (LatA, LngA) = (20.99667, -124.32177)

In DMS format: 20°59'48'' S 55°40'41.6'' E .

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