Antipode of Maracay, Venezuela

The opposite side of the world to Maracay is Krajan Tambakrejo, East Java, Indonesia.



Continent: South America

Coordinates: 10.235, -67.591

Antipodal point

Opposite side in the world

Continent: South America

Coordinates: -10.235, 112.409

Krajan Tambakrejo


Krajan Tambakrejo is the closest city to Maracay's antipodal point (205 km).

The antipodal city to Maracay is Krajan Tambakrejo. This means that, among all the populated locations in the world, the farthest city from Maracay is Krajan Tambakrejo.

The distance from Maracay to Krajan Tambakrejo is about 20,000 kilometers. A direct flight would take around 22 hours, but there aren't commercial routes between these cities.

Cities on the other side of the world of Maracay

This table contains the populated locations that are closest to Maracay's antipode. These are the farthest cities in the world from Maracay.

City Country Distance from antipode Coordinates
Krajan Tambakrejo, East Java Indonesia 205 km (-8.403, 112.715)
Sitiarjo, East Java Indonesia 207 km (-8.379, 112.681)
Krajan Sidodadi, East Java Indonesia 208 km (-8.370, 112.658)
Gombangan, East Java Indonesia 209 km (-8.352, 112.588)
Kedungbanteng Krajan, East Java Indonesia 209 km (-8.367, 112.714)
Krajan Srigonco, East Java Indonesia 210 km (-8.342, 112.562)
Krajan Sumberbening, East Java Indonesia 211 km (-8.333, 112.542)
Gajahrejo Krajan, East Java Indonesia 211 km (-8.341, 112.649)
Krajan Kedungsalam, East Java Indonesia 211 km (-8.325, 112.450)
Sidomulyo Kulon, East Java Indonesia 212 km (-8.351, 112.744)

Maracay, Venezuela

Local time:

Coordinates: 10.2354° N 67.5911° W

Krajan Tambakrejo, Indonesia

Local time:

Coordinates: 8.4028° S 112.7145° E

How to calculate the antipodal point?

The antipode can be calculated by understanding the geographic coordinates and applying simple formulas. We will use the following variables:

  • LatO: Latitude at the origin point.
  • LngO: Longitude at the origin point.
  • LatA: Latitude at the antipodal point.
  • LngA: Longitude at the antipodal point.

Step 1: Obtain the geographic coordinates of Maracay

The DMS coordinates are: 10°14'7.3'' N 67°35'28.1'' W.

Calculations are easier by using the decimal format, hence:

LatO = 10.23535°

LngO = -67.59113°

Step 2: Calculate the latitude

LatA = - LatO = -10.23535°

Since the latitude is positive (north direction), the antipode must be negative (south direction).

Step 3: Calculate the longitude

LngA = LngO ± 180° = -67.59113 + 180° = 112.40887°

Since the longitude is negative, we sum 180° to ensure the final value lies between (-180, 180). If it were the other way around, we would subtract 180° for the same reason.


The antipode of Maracay is located on coordinates: (LatA, LngA) = (-10.23535, 112.40887)

In DMS format: 10°14'7.3'' N 67°35'28.1'' W.

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