Port-au-Prince Geographic coordinates

Port-au-Prince is located at latitude 18.54349 and longitude -72.33881. It is part of America and the northern hemisphere.

Decimal coordinates

Simple standard

18.54349, -72.33881

DD Coodinates

Decimal Degrees

18.5435° N 72.3388° W

DMS Coordinates

Degrees, Minutes and Seconds

18°32'36.6'' N 72°20.329' W

The geographic coordinate system enables any place in the world to be located using its latitude and longitude. The latitude is the position relative to the equator, specifying the north-south position. The longitude specifies the east-west position measured from a reference meridian (usually the Greenwich Prime Meridian). The latitude and longitude of Port-au-Prince have been calculated based on the geodetic datum WGS84.

Map of Port-au-Prince with coordinates

Latitude and longitude of Haiti

There are many systems and formats to represent geographic coordinates. The following table matches the equivalence between the most common formats:

System Latitude Longitude
Simple decimal standard 18.54349 -72.33881
Decimal Degrees (DD) 18.5435° N 72.3388° W
Degrees and Decimal Minutes (DDM) 18°32.609' N 72°20.329' W
Degrees, Minutes and Seconds (DMS) 18°32'36.6'' N 72°20'19.7'' W

Cities at the same latitude as Port-au-Prince

City Coordinates
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 18.47186, -69.89232
San Juan, Puerto Rico 18.46633, -66.10572
Nouakchott, Mauritania 18.08581, -15.9785
Pune, India 18.51957, 73.85535
Santo Domingo Oeste, Dominican Republic 18.5, -70

Cities at the same longitude as Port-au-Prince

City Coordinates
Cúcuta, Colombia 7.89391, -72.50782
Washington, United States 44.10562, -72.4326
Washington, United States 43.17591, -72.09675
San Cristóbal, Venezuela 7.76694, -72.225
Puerto Montt, Chile -41.4693, -72.94237