San Jose Village Geographic coordinates

San Jose Village is located at latitude 14.96823 and longitude 145.61998. It is part of Oceania and the northern hemisphere.

Decimal coordinates

Simple standard

14.96823, 145.61998

DD Coodinates

Decimal Degrees

14.9682° N 145.62° E

DMS Coordinates

Degrees, Minutes and Seconds

14°58'5.6'' N 145°37.199' E

The geographic coordinate system enables any place in the world to be located using its latitude and longitude. The latitude is the position relative to the equator, specifying the north-south position. The longitude specifies the east-west position measured from a reference meridian (usually the Greenwich Prime Meridian). The latitude and longitude of San Jose Village have been calculated based on the geodetic datum WGS84.

Map of San Jose Village with coordinates

Latitude and longitude of Northern Mariana Islands

There are many systems and formats to represent geographic coordinates. The following table matches the equivalence between the most common formats:

System Latitude Longitude
Simple decimal standard 14.96823 145.61998
Decimal Degrees (DD) 14.9682° N 145.62° E
Degrees and Decimal Minutes (DDM) 14°58.094' N 145°37.199' E
Degrees, Minutes and Seconds (DMS) 14°58'5.6'' N 145°37'11.9'' E

Cities at the same latitude as San Jose Village

City Coordinates
Guatemala City, Guatemala 14.64072, -90.51327
Tegucigalpa, Honduras 14.0818, -87.20681
Mixco, Guatemala 14.63077, -90.60711
Villa Nueva, Guatemala 14.52512, -90.58544
Quezon City, Philippines 14.6488, 121.0509

Cities at the same longitude as San Jose Village

City Coordinates
Cairns, Australia -16.92366, 145.76613
Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands 15.21233, 145.7545
Preston, Australia -37.75, 145.01667
Shepparton, Australia -36.38047, 145.39867
Burnie, Australia -41.05584, 145.90375