Distance from Greenland to South Korea

The distance between Greenland and South Korea is 8,045 kilometers (4,999 miles).

Greenland, America

South Korea, Asia

8,045 km

Distance between centroids

6,390 km

Shortest distance

Calculated based on main borders (including major islands)

7,752 km

Shortest distance between major cities

Upernavik → Goyang-si

Distances between Greenland and South Korea by cities:

City in Greenland City in South Korea Distance (kilometers)
Qeqertarsuaq Changwon 9,213 km
Tasiilaq Busan 8,779 km
Ilulissat Seoul 8,162 km
Sisimiut Busan 8,688 km
Qasigiannguit Changwon 8,467 km
Nanortalik Changwon 9,420 km
Qeqertarsuaq Seoul 8,951 km
Ilulissat Ulsan 8,388 km
Maniitsoq Suwon 8,617 km
Narsaq Busan 9,353 km
Nuuk Changwon 8,984 km
Paamiut Seoul 8,964 km
Qaqortoq Seoul 9,092 km
Aasiaat Seoul 8,220 km
Paamiut Busan 9,241 km
Upernavik Goyang-si 7,752 km
Nuuk Goyang-si 8,714 km
Qaqortoq Anyang-si 9,111 km
Maniitsoq Changwon 8,846 km
Uummannaq Changwon 8,260 km

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Other distances from Greenland

Distance between countries Kilometers
From Greenland to China 7,794 km
From Greenland to India 8,865 km
From Greenland to United States 4,869 km
From Greenland to Indonesia 11,957 km
From Greenland to Pakistan 7,547 km

Other distances from South Korea

Distances between countries Kilometers
From South Korea to China 2,123 km
From South Korea to India 5,023 km
From South Korea to United States 10,766 km
From South Korea to Indonesia 4,309 km
From South Korea to Pakistan 5,405 km

Countries separated by similar distances

The following list contains countries that are separated by a similar distance as it is between Greenland and South Korea.

From To Distance (kilometers)
Italy Dominican Republic 8,054 km
Turkey Taiwan 8,041 km
Colombia Spain 8,040 km
Thailand Rwanda 8,060 km
Colombia Burkina Faso 8,035 km
Peru French Polynesia 8,066 km
Japan United Arab Emirates 8,034 km
Thailand Sweden 8,067 km
Poland Martinique 8,068 km
Thailand Vanuatu 8,031 km
Colombia Ireland 8,029 km
Poland South Korea 8,072 km
Turkey Singapore 8,075 km
Italy Lesotho 8,076 km
Thailand Poland 8,079 km

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