Distance from Lesotho to Syria

The distance between Lesotho and Syria is 7,219 kilometers (4,485 miles).

Lesotho, Africa

Syria, Asia

7,219 km

Distance between centroids

6,804 km

Shortest distance

Calculated based on main borders (including major islands)

6,959 km

Shortest distance between major cities

Leribe → Damascus

Distances between Lesotho and Syria by cities:

City in Lesotho City in Syria Distance (kilometers)
Mohale’s Hoek Aleppo 7,414 km
Mafeteng Aleppo 7,382 km
Butha-Buthe Salamiyeh 7,120 km
Qachas Nek Camp Salamiyeh 7,262 km
Butha-Buthe Tartouss 7,091 km
Mokhotlong Damascus 6,992 km
Leribe Damascus 6,959 km
Teyateyaneng Aleppo 7,300 km
Qachas Nek Camp Tartouss 7,235 km
Thaba-Tseka Damascus 7,023 km
Maputsoe Damascus 6,963 km
Maseru Damascus 7,015 km
Teyateyaneng Tartouss 7,139 km
Thaba-Tseka Aleppo 7,330 km
Leribe Aleppo 7,266 km
Mokhotlong Aleppo 7,299 km
Mafeteng Damascus 7,074 km
Quthing Damascus 7,131 km
Mohale’s Hoek Idlib 7,377 km
Nako Tartouss 7,191 km

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Other distances from Lesotho

Distance between countries Kilometers
From Lesotho to China 10,751 km
From Lesotho to India 7,774 km
From Lesotho to United States 14,817 km
From Lesotho to Indonesia 9,554 km
From Lesotho to Pakistan 7,941 km

Other distances from Syria

Distances between countries Kilometers
From Syria to China 5,812 km
From Syria to India 4,211 km
From Syria to United States 10,775 km
From Syria to Indonesia 8,690 km
From Syria to Pakistan 2,880 km

Countries separated by similar distances

The following list contains countries that are separated by a similar distance as it is between Lesotho and Syria.

From To Distance (kilometers)
Thailand Ukraine 7,219 km
Italy Botswana 7,217 km
United Kingdom French Guiana 7,216 km
Poland Myanmar 7,226 km
Iran Sierra Leone 7,213 km
Iran Philippines 7,207 km
Romania Mozambique 7,233 km
Romania Zimbabwe 7,206 km
Italy Namibia 7,203 km
South Africa Cabo Verde 7,198 km
United Kingdom Burundi 7,192 km
Myanmar Uganda 7,248 km
United Kingdom Kenya 7,190 km
Colombia Liberia 7,187 km
Poland Zambia 7,256 km

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