Distance from Martinique to Canada

The distance between Martinique and Canada is 5,993 kilometers (3,724 miles).

Martinique, America

Canada, America

5,993 km

Distance between centroids

3,347 km

Shortest distance between major cities

Le Vauclin → Halifax

Distances between Martinique and Canada by cities:

City in Martinique City in Canada Distance (kilometers)
Saint-Esprit Mississauga 3,679 km
Le Marin Toronto 3,690 km
La Trinité Oshawa 3,652 km
Le Vauclin Halifax 3,347 km
Le François Ottawa 3,687 km
Le Marin Oshawa 3,683 km
Sainte-Luce Hamilton 3,666 km
Ducos Ottawa 3,688 km
Sainte-Luce Toronto 3,688 km
Le Lorrain Oshawa 3,638 km
Le Gros-Morne Toronto 3,661 km
Le Robert London 3,688 km
Rivière-Pilote Oshawa 3,680 km
Saint-Joseph Toronto 3,662 km
Saint-Esprit London 3,701 km
Le Lorrain London 3,667 km
Le Gros-Morne Oshawa 3,654 km
Le Robert Oshawa 3,659 km
Fort-de-France Montréal 3,623 km
Sainte-Marie Oshawa 3,646 km

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Other distances from Martinique

Distance between countries Kilometers
From Martinique to China 14,204 km
From Martinique to India 14,162 km
From Martinique to United States 4,235 km
From Martinique to Indonesia 18,378 km
From Martinique to Pakistan 12,736 km

Other distances from Canada

Distances between countries Kilometers
From Canada to China 9,410 km
From Canada to India 11,488 km
From Canada to United States 2,262 km
From Canada to Indonesia 12,893 km
From Canada to Pakistan 10,410 km

Countries separated by similar distances

The following list contains countries that are separated by a similar distance as it is between Martinique and Canada.

From To Distance (kilometers)
Tanzania Moldova 5,992 km
Iran Iceland 5,982 km
Ethiopia Finland 5,979 km
Iran Hong Kong 6,001 km
Iran Mali 5,979 km
Ethiopia Senegal 6,003 km
Iran Mozambique 5,976 km
Myanmar Jordan 5,976 km
Thailand Armenia 6,007 km
Japan India 5,968 km
Romania Bhutan 6,013 km
Tanzania Gambia 5,965 km
Turkey Myanmar 6,015 km
Turkey China 5,964 km
Egypt Mauritius 5,964 km

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