Distance from New Zealand to Spain

The distance between New Zealand and Spain is 19,894 kilometers (12,362 miles).

New Zealand, Oceania

Spain, Europe

19,894 km

Distance between centroids

18,600 km

Shortest distance

Calculated based on main borders (including major islands)

18,789 km

Shortest distance between major cities

Invercargill → Granada

Distances between New Zealand and Spain by cities:

City in New Zealand City in Spain Distance (kilometers)
Lower Hutt A Coruña 19,651 km
North Shore Sevilla 19,921 km
Palmerston North Granada 19,646 km
Hastings A Coruña 19,411 km
Wellington Granada 19,530 km
New Plymouth Barcelona 19,287 km
Manukau City Madrid 19,606 km
Hastings Madrid 19,909 km
Palmerston North Madrid 19,964 km
Wellington A Coruña 19,665 km
Rotorua Barcelona 19,395 km
Invercargill Granada 18,789 km
Dunedin Madrid 19,243 km
Dunedin Granada 18,926 km
Christchurch Granada 19,234 km
Nelson Granada 19,482 km
Auckland Granada 19,874 km
New Plymouth Granada 19,723 km
Nelson Madrid 19,749 km
Tauranga Granada 19,947 km

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Other distances from New Zealand

Distance between countries Kilometers
From New Zealand to China 11,147 km
From New Zealand to India 11,965 km
From New Zealand to United States 12,535 km
From New Zealand to Indonesia 7,550 km
From New Zealand to Pakistan 13,379 km

Other distances from Spain

Distances between countries Kilometers
From Spain to China 8,809 km
From Spain to India 7,954 km
From Spain to United States 7,607 km
From Spain to Indonesia 12,378 km
From Spain to Pakistan 6,544 km

Countries separated by similar distances

The following list contains countries that are separated by a similar distance as it is between New Zealand and Spain.

From To Distance (kilometers)
Senegal Vanuatu 19,843 km
Vanuatu Senegal 19,843 km
Taiwan Paraguay 19,955 km
Paraguay Taiwan 19,955 km

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