Distance from New Zealand to Zambia

The distance between New Zealand and Zambia is 13,132 kilometers (8,160 miles).

New Zealand, Oceania

Zambia, Africa

13,132 km

Distance between centroids

11,828 km

Shortest distance

Calculated based on main borders (including major islands)

12,065 km

Shortest distance between major cities

Invercargill → Mazabuka

Distances between New Zealand and Zambia by cities:

City in New Zealand City in Zambia Distance (kilometers)
New Plymouth Kitwe 13,265 km
Invercargill Mazabuka 12,065 km
New Plymouth Chililabombwe 13,328 km
Wellington Mazabuka 12,829 km
Christchurch Kitwe 12,801 km
Manukau City Lusaka 13,236 km
Hamilton Chililabombwe 13,505 km
Wellington Chililabombwe 13,169 km
Tauranga Kitwe 13,497 km
North Shore Chililabombwe 13,561 km
Lower Hutt Mazabuka 12,843 km
Rotorua Chililabombwe 13,524 km
Nelson Lusaka 12,774 km
Palmerston North Chililabombwe 13,294 km
Hastings Mazabuka 13,080 km
North Shore Chingola 13,542 km
Dunedin Chililabombwe 12,556 km
Auckland Chililabombwe 13,558 km
Invercargill Chililabombwe 12,403 km
Hastings Lusaka 13,098 km

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Other distances from New Zealand

Distance between countries Kilometers
From New Zealand to China 11,147 km
From New Zealand to India 11,965 km
From New Zealand to United States 12,535 km
From New Zealand to Indonesia 7,550 km
From New Zealand to Pakistan 13,379 km

Other distances from Zambia

Distances between countries Kilometers
From Zambia to China 9,664 km
From Zambia to India 6,722 km
From Zambia to United States 13,850 km
From Zambia to Indonesia 9,572 km
From Zambia to Pakistan 6,552 km

Countries separated by similar distances

The following list contains countries that are separated by a similar distance as it is between New Zealand and Zambia.

From To Distance (kilometers)
Haiti North Korea 13,127 km
North Macedonia Papua New Guinea 13,125 km
Papua New Guinea North Macedonia 13,125 km
Nigeria Timor Leste 13,124 km
Uruguay United Arab Emirates 13,150 km
Moldova Argentina 13,151 km
Haiti Japan 13,109 km
Papua New Guinea United States 13,109 km
Cuba South Korea 13,106 km
Papua New Guinea Kosovo 13,156 km
Cuba Mozambique 13,104 km
Bulgaria Chile 13,103 km
Ethiopia United States 13,158 km
Papua New Guinea Serbia 13,096 km

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