Distance from Peru to Switzerland

The distance between Peru and Switzerland is 10,238 kilometers (6,362 miles).

Peru, South America

Switzerland, Europe

10,238 km

Distance between centroids

9,162 km

Shortest distance

Calculated based on main borders (including major islands)

9,629 km

Shortest distance between major cities

Iquitos → Basel

Distances between Peru and Switzerland by cities:

City in Peru City in Switzerland Distance (kilometers)
Pucallpa Winterthur 10,189 km
Piura Zürich 10,370 km
Tacna Basel 10,589 km
Lima Basel 10,587 km
Chimbote Zürich (Kreis 11) 10,530 km
Trujillo Luzern 10,463 km
Cusco Koblenz 10,389 km
Callao Zürich 10,663 km
Callao Basel 10,595 km
Arequipa Zürich (Kreis 11) 10,609 km
Tacna Esslingen 10,658 km
Sullana Zürich (Kreis 11) 10,348 km
Chimbote Luzern 10,508 km
Ica Luzern 10,697 km
Sullana Zürich 10,350 km
Trujillo Zürich (Kreis 11) 10,485 km
Juliaca Basel 10,372 km
Juliaca Zürich 10,435 km
Lima Zürich 10,655 km
Pucallpa Zürich (Kreis 11) 10,173 km

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Other distances from Peru

Distance between countries Kilometers
From Peru to China 17,049 km
From Peru to India 16,965 km
From Peru to United States 5,560 km
From Peru to Indonesia 18,535 km
From Peru to Pakistan 15,646 km

Other distances from Switzerland

Distances between countries Kilometers
From Switzerland to China 7,615 km
From Switzerland to India 6,915 km
From Switzerland to United States 8,031 km
From Switzerland to Indonesia 11,264 km
From Switzerland to Pakistan 5,478 km

Countries separated by similar distances

The following list contains countries that are separated by a similar distance as it is between Peru and Switzerland.

From To Distance (kilometers)
South Korea Comoros 10,237 km
South Africa Peru 10,252 km
Peru South Africa 10,252 km
South Africa Finland 10,254 km
Guatemala Malta 10,257 km
Colombia Greece 10,221 km
South Africa Saint Lucia 10,221 km
Iran Micronesia 10,214 km
South Africa Martinique 10,266 km
Italy Paraguay 10,268 km
Nigeria Nicaragua 10,211 km
Italy Ecuador 10,209 km
Ecuador Italy 10,209 km
South Korea Spain 10,208 km

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