Distance from Montevideo to Goiânia

The distance between Montevideo, Uruguay and Goiânia, Brazil is 2,134 kilometers (1,326 miles)

Country: Uruguay

Region: Montevideo Department

City: Montevideo

Country: Brazil

Region: Goiás

City: Goiânia

Travel time

Mode Estimated time
Bicycle 6-7 days
Motorcycle 2-3 days
Car 2-3 days
Airplane 3-4 hours
Speed Time
50 km/h
100 km/h
150 km/h

Montevideo, Uruguay

Local time:

Coordinates: 34.9033° S 56.1882° W

Nearby airports:
  • Carrasco International Airport (MVD)
  • Capitán de Corbeta Carlos A. Curbelo International Airport (PDP)
  • Colonia del Sacramento International Airport (CYR)
  • La Plata Airport (LPG)
  • Santa Bernardina International Airport (DZO)

Goiânia, Brazil

Local time:

Coordinates: 16.6786° S 49.2539° W

Nearby airports:
  • Santa Genoveva / Goiânia Airport (GYN)
  • Nelson Ribeiro Guimarães Airport (CLV)
  • Brasilia International Airport (BSB)
  • Francisco Vilela do Amaral Airport (ITR)
  • General Leite de Castro Airport (RVD)

Other distances from Montevideo

Distance between cities Kilometers
From Montevideo to Salto 424 km
From Montevideo to Paysandú 336 km
From Montevideo to Las Piedras 19 km
From Montevideo to Rivera 447 km
From Montevideo to Mercedes 250 km

Other distances from Goiânia

Distances between cities Kilometers
From Goiânia to São Paulo 808 km
From Goiânia to Rio de Janeiro 938 km
From Goiânia to Belo Horizonte 667 km
From Goiânia to Salvador 1,228 km
From Goiânia to Fortaleza 1,851 km

Cities within similar distances

The following list contains cities that are at equal or similar distances as between Montevideo and Goiânia.

From To Distance (kilometers)
Jacksonville, United States Iztapalapa, Mexico 2,134 km
San Antonio, United States Washington, United States 2,134 km
Jacksonville, United States Iztacalco, Mexico 2,134 km
Sofia, Bulgaria Murcia, Spain 2,134 km
João Pessoa, Brazil São José dos Campos, Brazil 2,134 km
Tegucigalpa, Honduras Valencia, Venezuela 2,134 km
Mexico City, Mexico Jacksonville, United States 2,134 km
Goiânia, Brazil Rosario, Argentina 2,135 km
Sofia, Bulgaria Bilbao, Spain 2,133 km
Maracaibo, Venezuela Chiclayo, Peru 2,133 km
Jacksonville, United States Cuauhtémoc, Mexico 2,135 km
Recife, Brazil Osasco, Brazil 2,133 km
Perth, Australia Adelaide, Australia 2,135 km
Recife, Brazil São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil 2,133 km
Guadalupe, Mexico Chicago, United States 2,135 km
Havana, Cuba Chicago, United States 2,133 km
Jacksonville, United States Azcapotzalco, Mexico 2,135 km
Dallas, United States Washington, United States 2,133 km
Managua, Nicaragua Washington, United States 2,132 km

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