Distance from Saint Petersburg to Kharkiv

The distance between Saint Petersburg, Russia and Kharkiv, Ukraine is 1,171 kilometers (728 miles)

Country: Russia

Region: St.-Petersburg

City: Saint Petersburg

Country: Ukraine

Region: Kharkiv

City: Kharkiv

Travel time

Mode Estimated time
Bicycle 3-4 days
Motorcycle 1-2 days
Car 1-2 days
Airplane 1-2 hours
Speed Time
50 km/h
100 km/h
150 km/h

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Local time:

Coordinates: 59.9386° N 30.3141° E

Nearby airports:
  • Pulkovo Airport (LED)
  • Novgorod Airport (NVR)
  • Lappeenranta Airport (LPP)
  • Utti Airport (UTI)
  • Savonlinna Airport (SVL)

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Local time:

Coordinates: 49.9808° N 36.2527° E

Nearby airports:
  • Kharkiv International Airport (HRK)
  • Belgorod International Airport (EGO)
  • Suprunovka Airport (PLV)
  • Kramatorsk Airport (KRQ)
  • Myrhorod Airport (MXR)

Other distances from Kharkiv

Distances between cities Kilometers
From Kharkiv to Kyiv 412 km
From Kharkiv to Donetsk 245 km
From Kharkiv to Odessa 564 km
From Kharkiv to Dnipro 190 km
From Kharkiv to Lviv 878 km

Cities within similar distances

The following list contains cities that are at equal or similar distances as between Saint Petersburg and Kharkiv.

From To Distance (kilometers)
El Paso, United States Aguascalientes, Mexico 1,171 km
La Plata, Argentina Puente Alto, Chile 1,171 km
Chihuahua, Mexico Henderson, United States 1,172 km
Mexicali, Mexico Cuilacan, Mexico 1,172 km
Saltillo, Mexico Villahermosa, Mexico 1,172 km
Austin, United States Lincoln, United States 1,173 km
Brasília, Brazil Joinville, Brazil 1,169 km
Houston, United States Irapuato, Mexico 1,173 km
Portland, United States Bakersfield, United States 1,169 km
Mendoza, Argentina Mar del Plata, Argentina 1,169 km
Delhi, India Pune, India 1,174 km
Zapopan, Mexico Tuxtla, Mexico 1,168 km
Milwaukee, United States Montréal, Canada 1,174 km
Dallas, United States Tampico, Mexico 1,168 km
Houston, United States Veracruz, Mexico 1,175 km
Mérida, Mexico Celaya, Mexico 1,167 km
Milwaukee, United States Newark, United States 1,167 km
Guadalajara, Mexico Tuxtla, Mexico 1,167 km
Colorado Springs, United States Minneapolis, United States 1,175 km

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