Distance from Toronto to Maracay

The distance between Toronto, Canada and Maracay, Venezuela is 3,881 kilometers (2,411 miles)

Country: Canada

Region: Ontario

City: Toronto

Country: Venezuela

Region: Aragua

City: Maracay

Travel time

Mode Estimated time
Bicycle 12-15 days
Motorcycle 5-6 days
Car 4-5 days
Airplane 5-6 hours
Speed Time
50 km/h
100 km/h
150 km/h

Toronto, Canada

Local time:

Coordinates: 43.7001° N 79.4163° W

Nearby airports:
  • Downsview Airport (YZD)
  • Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (YTZ)
  • Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ)
  • Buttonville Municipal Airport (YKZ)
  • Oshawa Airport (YOO)

Maracay, Venezuela

Local time:

Coordinates: 10.2354° N 67.5911° W

Nearby airports:
  • Mariscal Sucre Airport (MYC)
  • Arturo Michelena International Airport (VLN)
  • Bartolomé Salom Airport (PBL)
  • Simón Bolívar International Airport (CCS)
  • San Felipe Nestor Arias Airport (SNF)

Other distances from Toronto

Distance between cities Kilometers
From Toronto to Ottawa 351 km
From Toronto to Montréal 504 km
From Toronto to Edmonton 2,706 km
From Toronto to Mississauga 24 km
From Toronto to Winnipeg 1,513 km

Other distances from Maracay

Distances between cities Kilometers
From Maracay to Caracas 83 km
From Maracay to Valencia 46 km
From Maracay to Maracaibo 443 km
From Maracay to Barquisimeto 194 km
From Maracay to Ciudad Guayana 582 km

Cities within similar distances

The following list contains cities that are at equal or similar distances as between Toronto and Maracay.

From To Distance (kilometers)
San Jose, United States Orlando, United States 3,881 km
Cartagena, Colombia Ottawa, Canada 3,881 km
San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina João Pessoa, Brazil 3,881 km
Maracay, Venezuela Salta, Argentina 3,881 km
Havana, Cuba Fresno, United States 3,881 km
Manhattan, United States Riverside, United States 3,880 km
Philadelphia, United States Portland, United States 3,882 km
La Plata, Argentina João Pessoa, Brazil 3,882 km
Austin, United States Petare, Venezuela 3,880 km
Raleigh, United States Vancouver, Canada 3,883 km
Brooklyn, United States Riverside, United States 3,883 km
Guayaquil, Ecuador Londrina, Brazil 3,879 km
Valencia, Venezuela Aguascalientes, Mexico 3,879 km
Barquisimeto, Venezuela Salta, Argentina 3,879 km
Maceió, Brazil Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela 3,883 km
San Francisco, United States Raleigh, United States 3,879 km
Maceió, Brazil Barcelona, Venezuela 3,883 km
The Bronx, United States Seattle, United States 3,879 km
Brooklyn, United States Seattle, United States 3,883 km

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