Distance from Mongolia to Guatemala

The distance between Mongolia and Guatemala is 12,925 kilometers (8,031 miles).

Mongolia, Asia

Guatemala, America

12,925 km

Distance between centroids

12,028 km

Shortest distance

Calculated based on main borders (including major islands)

12,575 km

Shortest distance between major cities

Choibalsan → Quetzaltenango

Distances between Mongolia and Guatemala by cities:

City in Mongolia City in Guatemala Distance (kilometers)
Bulgan Guatemala City 12,841 km
Choibalsan San Juan Sacatepéquez 12,617 km
Mörön Mixco 12,828 km
Bulgan Mixco 12,840 km
Mandalgovi Mixco 13,105 km
Bayan Villa Nueva 12,850 km
Altai Mixco 13,214 km
Undurkhaan San Juan Sacatepéquez 12,814 km
Erdenet Quetzaltenango 12,856 km
Bayan Quetzaltenango 12,802 km
Khovd Villa Nueva 13,075 km
Mandalgovi Guatemala City 13,106 km
Ulan Bator Quetzaltenango 12,820 km
Baruun-Urt Villa Nueva 12,820 km
Mörön Guatemala City 12,830 km
Ulan Bator Guatemala City 12,865 km
Erdenet Quetzaltenango 12,765 km
Ulaangom Guatemala City 12,842 km
Bulgan Guatemala City 12,689 km
Altai Villa Nueva 13,225 km

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Other distances from Mongolia

Distance between countries Kilometers
From Mongolia to China 1,222 km
From Mongolia to India 3,683 km
From Mongolia to United States 10,504 km
From Mongolia to Indonesia 5,370 km
From Mongolia to Pakistan 3,477 km

Other distances from Guatemala

Distances between countries Kilometers
From Guatemala to China 14,091 km
From Guatemala to India 15,813 km
From Guatemala to United States 2,422 km
From Guatemala to Indonesia 16,899 km
From Guatemala to Pakistan 14,452 km

Countries separated by similar distances

The following list contains countries that are separated by a similar distance as it is between Mongolia and Guatemala.

From To Distance (kilometers)
Japan Jamaica 12,931 km
Tanzania Micronesia 12,932 km
Japan Zimbabwe 12,925 km
Japan Nicaragua 12,923 km
Ecuador Kenya 12,921 km
Kenya Ecuador 12,921 km
Tanzania Panama 12,939 km
Peru Madagascar 12,942 km
Ecuador Armenia 12,916 km
Dominican Republic Comoros 12,945 km
Papua New Guinea Norway 12,947 km
Mozambique Micronesia 12,912 km
Uzbekistan Belize 12,955 km
Uganda Nicaragua 12,957 km

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