Distance from United States to China

The distance between United States and China is 11,671 kilometers (7,252 miles).

United States, America

China, Asia

11,671 km

Distance between centroids

3,577 km

Shortest distance

Calculated based on main borders (including major islands)

9,901 km

Shortest distance between major cities

San Francisco → Shanghai

Distances between United States and China by cities:

City in United States City in China Distance (kilometers)
New York City Beijing 11,014 km
Austin Suzhou 12,083 km
Houston Shanghai 12,218 km
Jacksonville Shanghai 12,770 km
San Diego Suzhou 10,684 km
Brooklyn Beijing 11,022 km
Philadelphia Shanghai 11,941 km
Phoenix Nanchong 11,847 km
Phoenix Shanghai 10,913 km
San Jose Guangzhou 11,178 km
Chicago Beijing 10,631 km
New York City Suzhou 11,891 km
San Francisco Suzhou 9,953 km
San Francisco Shanghai 9,901 km
Queens Beijing 11,020 km
San Diego Chengdu 11,762 km
Philadelphia Beijing 11,083 km
Dallas Shanghai 11,863 km
Queens Tianjin 11,094 km
Austin Shanghai 12,044 km

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Other distances from United States

Distance between countries Kilometers
From United States to China 11,671 km
From United States to India 13,595 km
From United States to Indonesia 14,972 km
From United States to Pakistan 12,376 km
From United States to Brazil 7,301 km

Other distances from China

Distances between countries Kilometers
From China to India 2,984 km
From China to United States 11,671 km
From China to Indonesia 4,181 km
From China to Pakistan 3,291 km
From China to Brazil 16,638 km

Countries separated by similar distances

The following list contains countries that are separated by a similar distance as it is between United States and China.

From To Distance (kilometers)
Tanzania Curacao 11,671 km
Colombia South Sudan 11,675 km
Tanzania Netherlands Antilles 11,679 km
Peru Belarus 11,680 km
Japan Morocco 11,660 km
Iran United States 11,681 km
Egypt Panama 11,682 km
Nigeria Brunei 11,695 km
Colombia Jordan 11,698 km
Myanmar Guinea-Bissau 11,640 km
Nigeria North Korea 11,702 km
Ecuador Zambia 11,706 km
Nigeria Indonesia 11,708 km
Iran Trinidad and Tobago 11,631 km
Japan Tanzania 11,628 km

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