Distance from Adana to Ankara (Turkey)

The distance between Adana and Ankara is 391 kilometers (243 miles)

Country: Turkey

Region: Adana

City: Adana

Country: Turkey

Region: Ankara

City: Ankara

Travel time

Mode Estimated time
Bicycle 1-2 days
Motorcycle 12-14 hours
Car 8-10 hours
Helicopter 1-2 hours
Airplane 30-45 minutes
Speed Time
30 km/h
60 km/h
90 km/h
120 km/h

Adana, Turkey

Local time:

Coordinates: 36.9862° N 35.3253° E

Nearby airports:
  • Adana Airport (ADA)
  • İncirlik Air Base (UAB)
  • Hatay Airport (HTY)
  • Kahramanmaraş Airport (KCM)
  • Bassel Al-Assad International Airport (LTK)

Ankara, Turkey

Local time:

Coordinates: 39.9199° N 32.8543° E

Nearby airports:
  • Etimesgut Air Base (ANK)
  • Ankara Esenboğa International Airport (ESB)
  • Kastamonu Airport (KFS)
  • Caycuma (ONQ)
  • Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport (NAV)

Other distances from Adana

Distance between cities Kilometers
From Adana to Istanbul 710 km
From Adana to Ankara 391 km
From Adana to Bursa 652 km
From Adana to Yazmir 739 km
From Adana to Gaziantep 183 km

Other distances from Ankara

Distances between cities Kilometers
From Ankara to Istanbul 353 km
From Ankara to Bursa 325 km
From Ankara to Yazmir 521 km
From Ankara to Adana 391 km
From Ankara to Gaziantep 507 km

Cities within similar distances

The following list contains the cities of Turkey that are at equal or similar distances as between Adana and Ankara.

From To Distance (kilometers)
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Indianapolis, United States Milwaukee, United States 392 km
San Antonio, United States Arlington, United States 390 km
Phoenix, United States Henderson, United States 392 km
Delhi, India Kanpur, India 392 km
Madrid, Spain Sevilla, Spain 390 km
Guarulhos, Brazil Joinville, Brazil 392 km
Milwaukee, United States Toledo, United States 390 km
Contagem, Brazil Serra, Brazil 393 km
Santo André, Brazil Juiz de Fora, Brazil 389 km
Tulsa, United States Arlington, United States 393 km
León de los Aldama, Mexico Ciudad Victoria, Mexico 389 km
New South Memphis, United States St. Louis, United States 393 km
São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil Juiz de Fora, Brazil 393 km
Veracruz, Mexico Tampico, Mexico 388 km
San Luis, Mexico Santa Catarina, Mexico 394 km
Buenos Aires, Argentina Santa Fe, Argentina 394 km
Mexicali, Mexico Las Vegas, United States 395 km
Indianapolis, United States Detroit, United States 387 km
Contagem, Brazil Vila Velha, Brazil 396 km

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