Distance from Seoul to Daejeon (South Korea)

The distance between Seoul and Daejeon is 140 kilometers (87 miles)

Country: South Korea

Region: Seoul

City: Seoul

Country: South Korea

Region: Daejeon

City: Daejeon

Travel time

Mode Estimated time
Walk 1-2 days
Bicycle 10-12 hours
Motorcycle 4-5 hours
Car 3-4 hours
Helicopter 30-45 minutes
Speed Time
30 km/h
60 km/h
90 km/h
120 km/h

Seoul, South Korea

Local time:

Coordinates: 37.566° N 126.9784° E

Nearby airports:
  • Gimpo International Airport (GMP)
  • Seoul Air Base (SSN)
  • Suwon Airport (SWU)
  • Incheon International Airport (ICN)
  • Osan Air Base (OSN)

Daejeon, South Korea

Local time:

Coordinates: 36.3491° N 127.3849° E

Nearby airports:
  • Cheongju International Airport/Cheongju Air Base (K-59/G-513) (CJJ)
  • Jeon Ju Airport (G-703) (CHN)

Other distances from Seoul

Distance between cities Kilometers
From Seoul to Busan 330 km
From Seoul to Incheon 27 km
From Seoul to Daegu 237 km
From Seoul to Daejeon 140 km
From Seoul to Gwangju 268 km

Other distances from Daejeon

Distances between cities Kilometers
From Daejeon to Seoul 140 km
From Daejeon to Busan 203 km
From Daejeon to Incheon 137 km
From Daejeon to Daegu 121 km
From Daejeon to Gwangju 139 km

Cities within similar distances

The following list contains the cities of South Korea that are at equal or similar distances as between Seoul and Daejeon.

From To Distance (kilometers)
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Campinas, Brazil Santos, Brazil 138 km
Birmingham, United Kingdom Cardiff, United Kingdom 142 km
San Luis, Mexico Aguascalientes, Mexico 138 km
San Jose, United States Sacramento, United States 142 km
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic 138 km
San Diego, United States Anaheim, United States 142 km
Philadelphia, United States Manhattan, United States 137 km
Mexicali, Mexico Ensenada, Mexico 137 km
London, United Kingdom Leicester, United Kingdom 143 km
Chongqing, China Nanchong, China 144 km
Valencia, Venezuela Petare, Venezuela 136 km
Rosario, Argentina Santa Fe, Argentina 144 km
Philadelphia, United States Baltimore, United States 144 km
Detroit, United States Cleveland, United States 145 km
León de los Aldama, Mexico San Luis, Mexico 134 km
Tijuana, Mexico Mexicali, Mexico 146 km
Chicago, United States Milwaukee, United States 134 km

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