Distance from Valencia to Maracaibo (Venezuela)

The distance between Valencia, Carabobo and Maracaibo, Zulia is 399 kilometers (248 miles)

Country: Venezuela

Region: Carabobo

City: Valencia

Country: Venezuela

Region: Zulia

City: Maracaibo

Travel time

Mode Estimated time
Bicycle 1-2 days
Motorcycle 12-14 hours
Car 8-10 hours
Helicopter 1-2 hours
Airplane 30-45 minutes
Speed Time
30 km/h
60 km/h
90 km/h
120 km/h

Valencia, Venezuela

Local time:

Coordinates: 10.162° N 68.0077° W

Nearby airports:
  • Arturo Michelena International Airport (VLN)
  • Bartolomé Salom Airport (PBL)
  • Mariscal Sucre Airport (MYC)
  • San Felipe Nestor Arias Airport (SNF)
  • Simón Bolívar International Airport (CCS)

Maracaibo, Venezuela

Local time:

Coordinates: 10.6666° N 71.6125° W

Nearby airports:
  • La Chinita International Airport (MAR)
  • Oro Negro Airport (CBS)
  • Jorge Isaac Airport (MCJ)
  • Almirante Padilla Airport (RCH)
  • Carora Airport (VCR)

Other distances from Maracaibo

Distances between cities Kilometers
From Maracaibo to Caracas 518 km
From Maracaibo to Maracay 443 km
From Maracaibo to Valencia 399 km
From Maracaibo to Barquisimeto 256 km
From Maracaibo to Ciudad Guayana 1,018 km

Cities within similar distances

The following list contains the cities of Venezuela that are at equal or similar distances as between Valencia and Maracaibo.

From To Distance (kilometers)
Fort Worth, United States Tulsa, United States 399 km
Ribeirão Preto, Brazil Betim, Brazil 400 km
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic San Juan, Puerto Rico 400 km
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Campinas, Brazil 398 km
San Luis, Mexico Guadalupe, Mexico 398 km
San Luis, Mexico Cuernavaca, Mexico 401 km
Recife, Brazil Aracaju, Brazil 397 km
Toluca, Mexico Aguascalientes, Mexico 397 km
Oakland, United States Bakersfield, United States 397 km
São José dos Campos, Brazil Betim, Brazil 396 km
San Juan, Puerto Rico Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic 396 km
Osasco, Brazil São José do Rio Preto, Brazil 402 km
Monterrey, Mexico San Luis, Mexico 396 km
Contagem, Brazil Vila Velha, Brazil 396 km
Chicago, United States Cincinnati, United States 403 km
Campinas, Brazil Juiz de Fora, Brazil 403 km
Bogotá, Colombia Cúcuta, Colombia 403 km
Toluca, Mexico Tonalá, Mexico 403 km
Mexicali, Mexico Las Vegas, United States 395 km

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