Distance from Valencia to Soyapango

The distance between Valencia, Venezuela and Soyapango, El Salvador is 2,334 kilometers (1,450 miles)

Country: Venezuela

Region: Carabobo

City: Valencia

Country: El Salvador

Region: San Salvador

City: Soyapango

Travel time

Mode Estimated time
Bicycle 7-8 days
Motorcycle 3-4 days
Car 2-3 days
Airplane 3-4 hours
Speed Time
50 km/h
100 km/h
150 km/h

Valencia, Venezuela

Local time:

Coordinates: 10.162° N 68.0077° W

Nearby airports:
  • Arturo Michelena International Airport (VLN)
  • Bartolomé Salom Airport (PBL)
  • Mariscal Sucre Airport (MYC)
  • San Felipe Nestor Arias Airport (SNF)
  • Simón Bolívar International Airport (CCS)

Soyapango, El Salvador

Local time:

Coordinates: 13.7102° N 89.1399° W

Nearby airports:
  • Ilopango International Airport (ILS)
  • Aeropuerto Internacional El Salvador (SAL)
  • Santa Rosa de Copan Airport (SDH)
  • Ruinas de Copan Airport (RUY)
  • La Aurora International Airport (GUA)

Cities within similar distances

The following list contains cities that are at equal or similar distances as between Valencia and Soyapango.

From To Distance (kilometers)
Denver, United States Tlalpan, Mexico 2,334 km
Colorado Springs, United States Veracruz, Mexico 2,334 km
Buenos Aires, Argentina Brasília, Brazil 2,333 km
San Diego, United States Edmonton, Canada 2,333 km
San Diego, United States Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico 2,333 km
Santo André, Brazil San Juan, Argentina 2,335 km
Iztapalapa, Mexico San Diego, United States 2,333 km
Xochimilco, Mexico Aurora, United States 2,335 km
Mendoza, Argentina Sorocaba, Brazil 2,336 km
Managua, Nicaragua Torreon, Mexico 2,336 km
Cochabamba, Bolivia Betim, Brazil 2,332 km
Quito, Ecuador Cochabamba, Bolivia 2,332 km
Bucharest, Romania Liverpool, United Kingdom 2,332 km
Managua, Nicaragua Austin, United States 2,332 km
São Paulo, Brazil San Juan, Argentina 2,332 km
Dallas, United States San Jose, United States 2,336 km
Reynosa, Mexico San José, Costa Rica 2,332 km
Natal, Brazil Santos, Brazil 2,336 km
Fort Worth, United States Oakland, United States 2,331 km

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