Distance from Macao to United States

The distance between Macao and United States is 12,764 kilometers (7,931 miles).

Macao, Asia

United States, America

12,764 km

Distance between centroids

11,722 km

Shortest distance between major cities

Macau → Los Angeles

Distances between Macao and United States by cities:

City in Macao City in United States Distance (kilometers)
Macau New York City 12,996 km
Macau Los Angeles 11,722 km

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Other distances from Macao

Distance between countries Kilometers
From Macao to China 1,765 km
From Macao to India 3,583 km
From Macao to United States 12,764 km
From Macao to Indonesia 2,543 km
From Macao to Pakistan 4,478 km

Other distances from United States

Distances between countries Kilometers
From United States to China 11,671 km
From United States to India 13,595 km
From United States to Indonesia 14,972 km
From United States to Pakistan 12,376 km
From United States to Brazil 7,301 km

Countries separated by similar distances

The following list contains countries that are separated by a similar distance as it is between Macao and United States.

From To Distance (kilometers)
South Korea Sao Tome and Principe 12,759 km
South Korea Bahamas 12,762 km
Egypt Chile 12,751 km
Iraq Mexico 12,771 km
Sudan Guatemala 12,749 km
Guatemala Sudan 12,749 km
Colombia Saudi Arabia 12,747 km
Saudi Arabia Colombia 12,747 km
Colombia Kuwait 12,774 km
Nigeria Japan 12,745 km
Japan Nigeria 12,745 km
Papua New Guinea Sudan 12,743 km
Sudan Papua New Guinea 12,743 km
Iraq El Salvador 12,779 km
Peru Syria 12,782 km

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